1. Add the ability to compress to a lossy image (not just individual files).
  2. Develop a Flacattack log file.

Version 1.02 with internal cuesheet option and par archiving
  1. DJWipeout from Hydrogenaudio made two changes to Flacattack. He added support for leaving the internal cuesheet, instead of stripping it out. Also, there is now support for par archiving.
Version 1.03
  1. I made a couple of small changes to check for errors.
Version 1.02
  1. I added a new function to find the log file before it is moved. Now if there are multiple log files in the temporary EAC ripping directory, the correct one will be chosen.
  2. I rearranged some code so that the directory chosen in EAC (when prompted to save your files) and the final flac destination directory can be the same directory. However, I don't recommend this still. There is a bug that I can't figure out that occurs when the EAC file naming scheme and the flac filename scheme are the same. When they are the same, the flac files end up getting deleted somehow.
Version 1.01
  1. I changed some code so that the ini file settings checking is not so strict.
Version 1.0
  1. The GUI has been updated to include all new features.
  2. There is a new setup file included with the download. It is the same information that appears on the installation page. I'll probably add some images to the instructions on the installation page.
  3. I added some more functions to clean up and enhance the code. Flacattack will now check that all necessary executables (according to your settings) can be found. This can also be done through the GUI.
  4. There is just one download now. It includes the gui and source. I got tired of making separate downloads.
Version 0.95
  1. The CUESHEET metadata block is always removed now.
Version 0.94
  1. The CUESHEET metadata block is now removed if you choose NOT to embed the cue sheet.
Version 0.93
  1. Fixed a bug where the cue sheet was not embedded.
Version 0.92
  1. Finished fixing the bug that was fixed in 0.91.
  2. Removed debugging output (Readline(), cue sheet output, filename output).
  3. Fixed bug where cue and log weren't deleted when ripping to individual flac files even though DELETE_CUE and DELETE_LOG were set to y.
  4. Wrote some new functions for code reuse.
  5. Fixed OGG illegal comment error that ocurred when ripping to a flac image and ogg.
Version 0.91
  1. Fixed a bug that affected special characters in cue sheet causing them to be deleted.
  2. In EAC options => Filename tab, Naming Scheme should be %N - %A - %T or anything that DOES NOT have a directory structure, otherwise Flacattack will complain that it cannot find the cue sheet and will exit.
Version 0.9
  1. Output an error when a valid cue sheet is not found.
  2. Added AAC support. Can encode to .mp4.
  3. Added aacgain support for aac files.
  4. Flac replaygain is now applied after encoding to lossy files.
  5. Fixed issue with CDs that have a data track at the end.
  6. Fixed problem with getting track information from cue sheet when encoding to individual files.
  7. Added ability to have a comment tag.
  8. Cleaned up the code a little.
  9. Rearranged parts of the flacattack.ini file and added necessary sections.
  10. You can now decide the log filename and path.
  11. Added ability to save log in lossy file folders.
  12. Fixed bug where flac individual files weren't renamed to specified naming scheme. (They were all named tracknumber - artist - title.flac)
  13. Allowed PERFORMER and TITLE in cue file to have illegal filename characters (I'm not sure why I was replacing them!)
  14. You can decide the cue filename format.
  15. Cue sheet will now reference correct files.
  16. Changed filename back to flacattack.exe
Version 0.8
  1. I rewrote everything using C#.
  2. You can now use paths that have spaces. (Please test this though.)
  3. I fixed the flac encoder option issue (only being able to use one option). This should apply to other encoders as well.
  4. I added a Flacattack command line argument (%o). This was to make it possible to use the EAC compression queue.
  5. There is still one problem when using log files. Flacattack won't know which log to transfer or embed (there will be several depending on how many albums you have ripped). It will just take the first one it finds.
  6. If you don't choose to move the log file, it will be deleted.
  7. Renamed executable to "facli.exe".
Version 0.7
  1. I added replay-gain for individual flac files.
  2. I fixed a bug where the orginal folder made by EAC was not removed and the log file was not moved when ripping to individual flac files.
  3. The log file is deleted if you choose not to move it. If you DON'T close the EAC ripping window before the last file is finished encoding, the log file will NOT be deleted and you will have to do so manually. (If you don't want the log file, change your setting in EAC. This is just for if you forgot. :) )
  4. I added support for replay-gain of lossy files.
  5. I added support for ripping to individual lossy files when ripping to individual flac files (like MAREO).
Version 0.6
  1. I extended the naming of the lossy files to match that of the flac files. They can use variables now, too.
  2. I allowed specifying an absolute path for the lossy files rather than one relative to the flac output folder.
  3. I made a few changes to the flacattack.ini file. I got rid of the [PATH_INFO] section and moved it to [FLAC_INFO].
Version 0.51
  1. I fixed the PATH variable under each of the lossy encoder sections so that the variables will actually be converted. (i.e. PATH = "mp3\%artist - %album" => "mp3\John Mayer - Heavier Things") They weren't being converted.
Version 0.5
  1. I cleaned up and reorganized the flacattack.ini file and added documentation.
  2. I fixed errors in the readme.txt file.
  3. I added support for structuring file names based on variables. (See the [PATH_INFO] section of flacattack.ini.)
  4. I changed the setting for the FINAL location of the flac/cue/log files to include the old STRUCTURE value (See the [PATH_INFO] section of flacattack.ini.)
  5. I added the ability to use the first letter of an artist name as part of the FINAL variable.
  6. I created the webpage ( Thanks to jokull for the sweet logo!
  7. I added support for automatic deletion of the cue and log file if you choose to do a single file backup with embedded cue and/or log.
Version 0.4
  1. I added a path option in the flacattack.ini file for the files that are encoded lossy (mp3/mpc/ogg).
  2. I changed the way you configure the path to flacattack.exe in EAC. You now can put it as the "Program, including path, used for compression" in EAC and then just put the location of flacattack.ini and the other command line arguments in "Additional command line options". The old way will still work as well, but NOT if put flacattack.exe in a path that has spaces.
  3. I fixed a bug that occurred when moving log file.
  4. I changed the tags so that they will show the artist, album, and title as they appear in EAC.
  5. The embedded cue sheet now contains artist, album, track, date, genre, and tracknumber. (Thanks to Synthetic Soul's version of Tag.)
  6. You now have the option of embedding the log file in your flac image file. (See flacattack.ini)
  7. I added support for replay-gain. (See flacattack.ini)
  8. I added illegal character alternatives, ie if it encouters a ':' to change it to ';' or '.', '/' to '_', etc. (This was a pain to implement.) The cue files are updated as well.
  9. I added enhanced directory support for where you save your files. (See flacattack.ini)
  10. I commented the code. :)
Version 0.3
  1. I got the ini file to work. This allows for much easier configuration than the old cumbersome command line. Now you can set compression levels, inidividual codec command line options, log file choice, codec paths, etc. in the flacattack.ini file. (Thanks to Synthetic Soul for the useful tip!)
  2. I changed the message displayed when moving the log for an image file.
  3. I changed moving of the log file to after encoding to mp3/mpc/ogg.
Version 0.21
  1. When ripping to individual files, EAC creates the "Artist - Album" directory and must use replacement characters when there are illegal characters. I delete this folder and create a new one using the replacement character given on the command line.
  2. I fixed a bug associated with the above problem. When ripping to individual files, Flacattack thought an image was being ripped.
Version 0.2
  1. I added the ability to encode to a combination of mp3, mpc, and ogg (after encoding flac image).
  2. I added encoder options for mp3, mpc, and ogg.
Version 0.1

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